Association des Jeunes de la Mission du Plein Evangile


Child of God, always remember that you are included in God’s Master Plan! You have a divine cause to fulfil in His Master Plan. His plan for you is success, not failure. His design for you is progress, not setback. His purpose for you is fulfilment, not frustration. He is the Master Planner! Now, what is your role? If you are living for the purpose God has designed you to achieve in life, your focus, aim and desire would be on your destination. By ‘destination’ – I mean, your vision. When your God given vision is misunderstood, laughed at, questioned and thought to be too high for a person like you, there will be a compulsion, a driving force you cannot resist, that goes along with it. That compulsion will make you go on with the vision. When a vision is from God, there will be a strong desire to make it happen, even if you cannot see how you will achieve it. No matter the obstacles on your way to the destination, you will always find ways of building bridges which close the gap from where you are now to your destination, even when everything around you seems to suggest that there is no hope. Make it happen!

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