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miracle of today

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Do you believe in the miracles and the prophets of today?
miracles are real

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Many people are attracted by miracles pastors perform during crusades and they turn our fellowshiping in the pastor's church.Beward and be carefull, there are a lot of fakes prophets who perform miracles and false doctrine given by thess pastors but which are not from God.Though the bible says in Joel 2:28"in the latter days i shall pour my spirit to all flesh.Your sons and daughters shall prophesy,your old man shall dream dreams and young man should see vision"Good news bible version.
It is advisable to pray that God should direct you to a church where he is worship in truth and in spirit. Because the bible say in the book of John 4:24 that God is a spirit,we should worship him in truth and in spirit.So don't be decieved by the miracles some prophets made, though they may tell you all your problems, the things that are happenning with you at that moment.
Becarefull, beware.

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